Развитие сети региональных отделений ООД "ВРС"

Развитие сети региональных отделений ООД "ВРС" 29.12.2008

Развитие сети региональных отделений ООД "ВРС"


Деятельность Волгоградского регионального отделения 
ООД «ВРС» за период июль-декабрь 2007 г.

Развитие сети региональных и местных отделений.


Сформировано местное отделение ООД в г. Волгограде в количестве 9 человек.

Взаимодействие с общественными организациями и партиями.


Начали взаимодействовать с
Общероссийским Общественным молодежным Движением «Преемники», молодежным клубом «Ключ» г.Волгограда.

Взаимодействие с властями.


Приняли участие в августовском учительско - родительском педсовете, организованным УО г.Волжского, удалось войти в состав выбранного совета.


Письма о Всероссийской киноакции «Семья России» с буклетами и дисками разнесены во все городские и областные администрации, проведены беседы и пояснения.


Начали развиваться взаимоотношения с комитетом по молодежной политике Центрального р-на г.Волгограда с гор. Комитетом по делам молодежи г.Волгограда.

Подготовлены и разнесены протестные письма и просветительские материалы против акции «Поезд в будущее». Большинство мероприятий родители посетили и затем описали.

Защита здоровья детей.


Участвовали в трехдневном покаянном крестном ходе против абортов. Распространяли листовки против абортов, растления детей, поголовной вакцинации.


Встреча со студентами г.Волгограда «ВИЧ-мистификация и настоящие причины СПИДа» с показом видеофильма «Растление».

Защита прав на качественное образование.


Продолжается работа по введению курса «Истоки» в школах, д/садах г.Волжского. создали методическое объединение учителей-истоковцев в количестве 50 человек. Полностью обеспечили школы учебниками.

В августе-декабре ежемесячно проходили заседания методобъединения учителей-истоковцев, где они постоянно знакомились с новостями ООД «ВРС».


Участвовали во Всероссийском семинаре по Истоковедению в г.Нерехте Костромской обл. «Истоки и призвание. Программа целостного воспитания: «Истоки» - жизненные призвания - отечественный язык».

Участие во Всероссийских акциях.


Провели киноакцию «Семья России» в г.Волжском, где родители высказали пожелания показать фильмы во всех школах города детям и родителям.




On May 29 - 30, 2008, Ekaterinburg hosted the International Conference "The Problem of HIV and AIDS and the Family Well-Being of the Nation" organized by the All-Russian Non-Governmental Group the "All-Russian Parents` Assembly".

For the first time in the period of over 20 years during which the problem of HIV and AIDS has existed, the ground was given to scientists, doctors and journalists from Russia, the US, Australia, the UK, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and South Africa, as well as representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and the public, whose opinion is different from the officially adopted view of the problem.

The participants of the conference are deeply concerned about the fact that the public and governments of many countries are under pressure of HIV/AIDS propaganda - instead of assessing the situation with consideration of scientific facts and research and the real state of affairs, they are under the influence of the information presented by the mass media that spread fear and panic in the public consciousness.

The greatest myth of the modern medical market was created by the AIDS establishment represented by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS and the special pressure groups (in the sphere of medicine, education, mass media and law) trying to cash in on the problem of HIV and AIDS, predicting a pandemic that can lead to the end of the mankind. However even the official statistics shows that the number of people who "have died of AIDS" during the last 20 years has reached 20 million, that is 0,33% of the world`s population, and 0,015% per year. All claims of an AIDS epidemic or pandemic contradict the common sense.

By using the terms "virus" and "syndrome" (a condition of the body) together, and creating the impression that they are the same phenomenon, the AIDS ideologists intentionally mislead public opinion. Relying on the history of "the scientific discovery of the plague of the 20th century" that has never been scientifically proved, AIDS promoters resort to plain lies even in the name "HIV/AIDS" or "HIV = AIDS"; they create total hysteria in the minds of the people, emphasizing what they falsely claim to be the inevitably lethal nature of the disease. The unprecedented PR campaigns that they organize have created a threatening tension in the society, forcing the governments of different countries to spend (through the medical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and various AIDS marketing centres and organizations controlled by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS) huge amounts of money on research, treatment and prevention of the imaginary disease. It is absurd, but the syndrome (AIDS) that has neither clinical nor morphological manifestations has legally(!) been awarded the status of a lethal and incurable illness.

Quite often suppressing and displacing professional ethics, the commercialization of medicine has played an enormous role in the mass HIV testing of the population of whole countries. Based on unreliable tests, many people, including pregnant women and children, are diagnosed HIV-infected and receive highly toxic prescription drugs, such as AZT (zidovudine, Retrovir). In fact these drugs that allegedly destroy the virus kill the cells of the bone marrow and the lymphatic system - that is the immune system organs - thus causing real immunodeficiency.

So many human lives have already been destroyed and will be destroyed by the HIV myth! We should note that apart from everything else, it leads to the tremendous increase of anxiety in society, deterioration of public health, decrease of the birth rate and increase of the number of orphans.

The participants of the conference think that it is impossible to tolerate further concealment of the scientific medical literature that proves beyond any doubts that the viral hypothesis of "HIV/AIDS" should be viewed as unproven for the following reasons:

  • today no one has isolated the "Human Immunodeficiency Virus" known as "HIV", using the approved scientific standards for the isolation of "retroviruses";

  • there is no scientifically grounded evidence showing that the "retrovirus" called "HIV" causes the phenomenon called AIDS in the medical literature;

none of the indirect markers (reverse transcriptase, antibodies, "viral proteins" that can be found in the people labeled "HIV-positive" or "AIDS patients") is specific, and none of them proves the presence of the infection that allegedly causes the conditions diagnosed as AIDS;

The viral hypothesis of "HIV/AIDS" and the predictions relying on it made in 1984 and subsequently, according to which the conditions diagnosed as AIDS are caused by a new sexually transmitted, inevitably lethal retrovirus that spreads out of control among all strata of society, turning into a global pandemic, have all been disproved.

Obviously researchers have always had and will always have the right to create theories and hypotheses. In this case, however, the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is not supported by satisfactory evidence, but by ample monetary subsidies -- a problem that is not limited to medicine alone. Being a kind of "state within a state", today`s AIDS medicine negatively affects the economy, politics, lawmaking, science, demography, and the psychological and moral climate in society.

An analysis of so-called HIV and AIDS prevention programmes that are widely implemented through governmental structures, the health care system and education and the social protection bodies reveals that their hidden purpose is to decrease the population of the planet,including countries such as Russia that are not under any threat of overpopulation.

These programmes implemented as part of the AIDS fighting policy are generously funded by the state and the local authorities; international organizations being part of the UN and the WHO, transnational pharmaceutical corporations and numerous "charity" foundations, non-governmental organizations etc. provide them with wide economic and organizational support.

There are many regions in Russia where the visiting "AIDS fighters" conduct workshops, advertising movies poeticizing the life of homosexuals, handing out free condoms, beer and books promoting extramarital sexual relations and booklets for primary school students containing detailed descriptions of role-playing games where it is suggested that the players imitate sexual contacts.

Organization of all kinds of motor races, rock concerts, and poem, essay and song competitions etc. dedicated to the topic of HIV and AIDS leads to the mass corruption of teenagers and the propagation of vice as normal lifestyle. We can see an obvious desire to enhance tolerance to homosexual relations, prostitution and drug abuse, which undermines the viability of any nation.

Having studied the whole complex of problems related to the involvement of the people of Russia in HIV mystification, and taking into account the unreliable nature of the tests and the harm they cause both to the mental and physical health of the people, the participants of the International Conference "THE PROBLEM OF HIV AND AIDS AND THE FAMILY WELL-BEING OF THE NATION" deem it necessary to:


  1. Conduct independent scientific examination of the appropriateness of Law of the Russian Federation No. 38 - ФЗ dated March 30, 1995 "On Prevention of Spread of the Disease Caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV infection) in the Russian Federation". Taking into account the importance and the international significance of this examination, we deem it necessary to involve both Russian and foreign scientists who hold an alternative opinion and can offer alternative arguments on the problem of HIV and AIDS.

  2. Recommend the cancellation of order No. 412 of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation dated December 30 2002 "On the Approval of the Temporary Report Form No. 61 - ТВ: Information on the Condition of the Patients Ill with TB combined with HIV infection" and guidelines No. 7126 - РХ "Prevention and Treatment of Concomitant Diseases (Tuberculosis, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in Adults and Adolescents with HIV Infection" dated December 29, 2006.

  3. Cancel the order of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation that obliges doctors and the employees occupied in the medium level health care to pass a qualification exam in "HIV infection".

  4. Stop mass forced testing of individuals, especially pregnant women, as it is a violation of the Russian and international laws. The erroneously named "HIV antibody" and "viral load" tests do not guarantee valid results even judging by the descriptions provided by their manufacturers(!), and they doom thousands of people to live a nightmarish life with an allegedly lethal diagnosis, making them dependent on doctors who do not always act in good faith; and based on these tests pregnant women are forced to have abortions.

  5. Stop the use of highly toxic antiretroviral drugs that destroy the immune system of both our current and future generations.

  6. Stop funding AIDS centres that arrogate to themselves the power of the punitive institutions, propagating forced treatment of HIV-positive people with highly toxic drugs and creating an AIDS phobia that destroys families and threatens the well-being of the entire society.

  7. Provide individual aid and treatment to patients who have real immunity problems that would be aimed at the restoration of their immune system instead of launching a "virus" hunt, as a result of they die from their treatments.

  8. Review the legal appropriateness of Art. 122, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for the criminal punishment of people disseminating HIV infection, the existence of which has not been scientifically proven.

  9. Ensure compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation in respect of so-called "HIV-positive" people.

  10. Stop the campaigns promoting the corruption of the younger generation, including those conducted by subdivisions of the organization "Medecins Sans Frontier", AIDS Centers and other groups and associations promoting syringe exchange, substitution methadone therapy, "Harm Reduction" programs etc. that promote alcohol and drug abuse and therefore the spread of AIDS.

  11. Stop workshops teaching tolerance to the non-existent "HIV-infected" people.

  12. Create an international community of journalists specializing in the coverage of alternative AIDS hypotheses, which will lead to a wider dissemination of data obtained during scientific studies conducted by the scientists opposed to the official AIDS doctrine and provide further information in this area to the public.

  13. Create and distribute a video recording of the speeches of the participants of our conference on the alternative views on the problem of HIV and AIDS.

  14. Cover the results of the conference in the compilation of speeches and on the web-site of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Group "The All-Russian Parents` Assembly"http://arhiv.oodvrs.ru/.

  15. Translate the documentary materials and the resolution of the conference into as many of the world`s languages as possible in order to ventilate the monstrous fraud in respect of the theory of the "lethal" virus called HIV and the "fatal" disease named AIDS that dominates all over the world and officially exists without being proven.

  16. Provide the documentary materials and the resolution of the international conference "The Problems of HIV and AIDS and the Family Well-Being of the Nation" to the President of Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, Science and Education, the Presidium of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Government of Moscow.

The participants of "The Problems of HIV and AIDS and the Family Well-Being of the Nation" conference do not try to act as judges but to provide the opportunity to find the scientific truth and call upon all of us to remember that «Errare humanum est sed diabolicum perseverare!» - "To make mistakes is human, but to persist with them is wicked!"


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